Single Implant Tooth Replacement Restores Smiles

Having a cracked tooth is an issue that can be successfully addressed with an implant. But first, you have to determine that you’re dealing with one. Here’s some info that will help:

Some dental issues such as a knocked out tooth or a broken crown are pretty hard to miss. And while you may think that a cracked tooth would also be difficult to overlook, the truth is that many people have trouble spotting this dental problem. To give yourself a better chance at recognizing a tooth fracture, take a look at the common causes and symptoms behind cracked teeth.

What Causes a Tooth to Crack?

Several behaviors and incidents can lead to a crack, also known as a fracture, in one of your teeth. In some cases, simply chewing on a hard object or type of food such a candy or ice can cause a crack to develop. Habits that are sometimes related to stress, including tooth grinding or jaw clenching, can also make your teeth more susceptible to fractures. Occasionally, an accident or forceful trauma may lead to a cracked tooth.

What Are the Signs That Your Tooth is Cracked?

A crack in your tooth can be hard to detect simply because these fractures are often invisible to the human eye. In fact, hairline cracks may not even appear on X-rays. So how can you tell if your tooth is fractured? Look out for localized pain that flares up when you bite into food or when you expose your teeth to hot or cold temperatures. Read more at Colgate

Don’t Ignore Dental Pain

There are some common reasons people give for ignoring dental pain, but there’s really no good reason when you understand the risks. For instance, your discomfort might be due to a cracked tooth that has become infected. Bacteria leakage can lead to serious damage to your smile. Hoping that your discomfort will magically disappear often leads to more extensive dental issues down the road. Dr. Harrell wants you to enjoy a happy, healthy smile that lasts a lifetime. Replacing your cracked or damaged tooth with a single dental implant is a permanent solution that will completely restore the appearance and strength of your smile.

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